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The music of Reijseger Fraanje Sylla has been described as ‘the perfect amalgam of jazz, African songs and classical music’.(1)
The trio has released two albums for Winter and Winter and made the music for several films by well known filmmaker Werner Herzog.
In March 2020 the new trio album ‘We Were There’ will be released by Just Listen Records.

‘Cellist Ernst Reijseger, pianist Harmen Fraanje and Senegalese singer-percussionist Mola Sylla are able to create their own language
on stage like no one else; and although it might not be directly understood, it can be felt very clearly’

The trio makes fierce and beautiful music that is also melancholy and always heavily supported by the excellent voice of their African singer.
The exuberant, improvised piano playing of Fraanje and the subtle melodies of Reijseger make for an eclectic,
sometimes spiritual whole where nothing is what is seems.”

(1) Quote by North Sea Jazz Festival, Rotterdam, Netherlands
(2) Quote by John Kelman, AllAboutJazz, USA


Trio Reijseger Fraanje Sylla is creative partner of musicians, poets, dancers, actors, painters, sculptors, photographers and film makers.
The trio’s musical collaborations include improvised and jazz music (Louis Moholo, Luciano Biondini, Fredrik Ljungkvist), classical and baroque 
music (Erik Bosgraaf), traditional music (Groove Léle from Reunion Island, Tenore e Concordu de Orosei from Sardinia,
Ferenc Kovács and Kálmán Balogh from Hungary, 
Rónán Ó Snodaigh from Ireland).
Reijseger Fraanje Sylla worked together with photographers Krijn van Noordwijk and Myles O’Reilley. 
And they performed live during the award ceremonies of several World Press Photo editions. 
The trio made film music for several movies by Werner Herzog, Alex & Andrew Smith and Roberto Zazzara. 
The music and films about and by the trio are used in installations by Werner Herzog,
exhibited at the the J Paul Getty Museum in Los Angeles and the Whitney Museum in New York.


Trio Reijseger Fraanje Sylla performed at festivals and venues like:
London Jazz Festival, Paris Jazz Festival, Tampere Jazz Meeting, Cully Jazz Festival, Kronberg Cello Festival, North Sea Jazz Festival, Rio de Janeiro Cello Festival, Grahamstown Festival South Africa, Heineken Jazzaldia Festival San Sebastian, Reunion Island Festival, Vicenza Festival, Saalfelden Austria Festival, Sori Festival South Korea, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, Dublin Jazz Festival , Bray Jazz Festival, Cello Biennale Amsterdam, Nantes, Vilnius Jazz Festival, Sines Festival Portugal, Ljubljana, Budapest, Bordeaux, Udine Jazz, Katowice, Sopot Festival Poland, Grenoble Fest, Sudtiroler Festival Bolzano, Gibellina Festival, Guelph Festival Canada, Torino Festival, Lugano, Munich, Vienna, Mestre Italy, amongst others…



We Were There

Just Listen Records

01. Boulmamine  Mola Sylla
02. Xeeg  Mola Sylla
03. 51  Harmen Fraanje
04. Bodensee  Harmen Fraanje
05. Landscape of the Soul  Ernst Reijseger
06. Charlotte  Harmen Fraanje
07. Albatross  Harmen Fraanje
08. Koluté Mola Sylla
09. Biruta  Ernst Reijseger
10. Raykwela  Ernst Reijseger
11.  Were you There  Ernst Reijseger

Count till Zen

Winter & Winter

01. Perhaps  Harmen Fraanje
02. Bakou  Mola Sylla
03. Badola  Marco Zenini
04. Count till Zen  Harmen Fraanje
05. Headstream  Ernst Reijseger
06. Debenti  Harmen Fraanje
07. Out of the Wilderness  Harmen Fraanje
08. Falémé  Mola Sylla
09. E Konkon  Ernst Reijseger
10.  Friuli  Harmen Fraanje

Down Deep

Winter & Winter

01. Elena  Ernst Reijseger
02. M’br  Mola Sylla
03. Amerigo  Malik Mezzadri
04. Shaped by the Tide  Harmen Fraanje
05. Hemisacraal  Ernst Reijseger
06. E Lucevan le Stelle  Giacomo Puccini
07. Ana  Mola Sylla
08. Down Deep  Ernst Reijseger
09. Her Eyes  Harmen Fraanje


Sydney Morning Herald (AUS)
‘This extraordinary album is the most thorough integration of jazz, African music and classical elements I have heard.’
Volkskrant (NL)
‘The trio shows unconditional dedication to the moment, the music and to each other.’
‘Intimidatingly beautiful’
Los Angeles Times (USA)
‘Played with an unforced expressive honesty.’
Werner Herzog (USA/GER)
‘What has been strange becomes familiar. And what has been familiar acquires the glow of mystery.’


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